JR001-Labels Only.jpg

Junglizm Recordings 001

by Junglizm Crew

Junglizm Crew delivers the goods with this killer debut release, featuring four heavy cuts sure to rip up dancefloors. Longtime veterans of the L.A. scene, this E.P stays true to the golden era of the early 90's jungle/drum and bass they grew up with. Now Days from Ohmen is a deep and dark roller with a ruff hip hop vocal hook. No Test from Beretta starts with melodic pads and sparse ragga samples before breaking into tearing amens and soulful diva vocals. Warm N Easy from Kali-Mon is a soundboy-killing gem with rare groove and ragga vibes straight out of '94. Tunnel by Jonny 5 is a murderous ragga-sampling beast with pure darkside flavour. Junglizm Recordings 001 is a very solid E.P that'll make a welcome addition to your crates. There will be No Represses, and with only 100 copies, it'll sell out fast - don't sleep on this record!