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Binz August Promo Mix For Jungletrain.net

Jungletrain.net is proud to present: Binz - jungletrain.net promomix august 2018

Junglizm Radio opener, vinyl collector, and soundman (hence the name Binz) has been involved with Junglizm since its inception. In 2008, after hearing about a rare "All Old Skool Jungle" night in Carson, California, he was surprised to find a packed venue with none other than General Malice at the controls. After informing some of the DJs involved that he offered sound services (and the fact that General Malice blew out the subwoofers that same night), Binz found a home as the new soundguy and the rest is history.

For his Jungletrain promomix debut, Binz brings you an all vinyl mix of golden era jungle infused vibes with a majority of tunes from 2017/2018 and labels that specialize in strictly vinyl releases. Always on the hunt for the latest black crack, Binz presents selections from across the globe including Australia, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Along with the debut vinyl release on Junglizm Recordings, this mix serves up plenty of rare groove, ragga, dancehall, and clash flavored tunes to deliver that ruff and rugged West Coast sound that the Los Angeles based Junglizm Crew is known for.

We hope you'll enjoy this mix, and remember to tune in to Junglizm Radio live on jungletrain.net every other Wednesday night from 20.30 - 22.30 PDT (that's 23.30 - 01.30 EDT, 04.30 - 06.30 BST on Thursday mornings, 05.30 - 07.30 CEST)!



01. LQ & Midnight Dubs – Dubplate Jugglin’ – Echo Chamber Sound [ECHO005, 2018]
02. Bazia – Roughneck Ruffin – Phat Bubba Records [PBR005, 2018]
03. Sully – Zero Sum (Dem 2 Ruff Refix) – TNR RD., 8205 Recordings [NICE10TWO, 2017]
04. Dub Liner & Omen Breaks – Gwan – Jungle Cat Recordings [JCAT002, 2013]
05. FFF – Empty Pocket Raver – Phat Bubba Records [PBR003, 2017]
06. Sydenham Knights & Tim Reaper – Open Up The Trunk – Phat Bubba Records [PBR005 , 2018]
07. Peter Darker – Destiny – 7th Storey Projects [7th12012, 2017]
08. Sully – Vacancy – Uncertain Hour [UH01, 2018]
09. Sully – Amor – Rupture London [RUPLDNLP001, 2018]
10. Jonny 5 – Lil Maven – Amen Brigade [AB001, 2018]
11. Dust-e-1 – Rims – Collect-Call [CC005, 2018]
12. LQ & Midnight Dubs – Electrocutioner (Kid Lib Remix) – Echo Chamber Sound [ECHO003, 2017]
13. Tony Jungle & Tropmanga – Waisting My Time – More Fire Recordings [MOREFIRE004, 2018]
14. LQ & Sekkleman – Junglist Rock – Echo Chamber Sound [ECHO004, 2017]
15. Vocoda – Sesame Clash – Phat Bubba Records [PBR005, 2018]
16. Sully – Soundboy Don't Push Your Luck – Foxy Jangle [FOXY2, 2018]
17. Tim Reaper ft Parallel – Innerspace – Blu Mar Ten [BMT039, 2017]
18. Kid Lib – That Special Way – Foxy Jangle [FOXY1, 2017]
19. Kid Lib – Nuff Luv – Sweet Sensi Records [SENSI004, 2017]
20. Kid Lib – Matamatic – Supercharger [SUPERC002, 2016]
21. Dust-e-1 – Roots Of Rodi – Collect-Call [CC005, 2018]
22. Sully – 368ft High And Rising – Foxy Jangle [FOXY2, 2018]
23. Demented Soul – Stay (Kid Lib Remix) – AKO Arcade [AKO150006, 2018]
24. Kali-Mon – Warm N Easy – Junglizm Recordings [JR001, 2017]


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Junglizm Mix Series - Mugilla

Hold Tight Junglists, The Junglizm Crew is back with a new addition to the Mix Series coming from the Colorado native "Mugilla". In the Denver scene since the early 90's, he fell in love with the Jungle sound and quickly found himself playing regularly at the notorious Synergy Club alongside legends such as REKSTAD and TROOPA. The Old School skills definitely come through in this hour long mix of New School Jungle. #Listen

1. Bam Bam - Sister Nancy
2. One for the Junglist, two for the show VIP - Dani DK
3. Come Aboard - Supa Ape
4. Under Me Fat Bass - Shaka-itchi
5. Rewind! - SE & Jahoora
6. Youth Man - Dr…Um
7. Narcotics - Faul
8. Ur Luv - BC Rydah
9. Come Back - Feyder
10. Sweet Revenge - RVLT
11. Bad Luck (DJ Hybrid Remix) - Riffz & Junglist Bwoy
12. Eradication - DJ L.A.B.
13. Soul for Jungle - Feyder & BMAN
14. Rupture 2011 - Ricky Force
15. Greetings from Jah - Supa Ape
16. Streetz Iz Watchin - BC Rydah
17. Tokyo Soul - SR
18. Atmosphere Erupt - The Deciple
19. Troddin Thru Da Jungle - DJ Erize


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Sun Collective - Guest Mix For Junglizm Radio 046


December 28th was our last show for 2016 and the badmen from Amsterdam, Sun Collective made their debut with a full length mix of pure Amen Heaven. Take a listen and download this hour long set guaranteed to get you in a frenzy, packed full of top shelf tune selections and precision mixing.


1:  2D33P - The Dream 2014
2:  Terminus - The Raft
3:  NForcer - The Showdown
4:  Ride - Backlash
5:  DJ Westy - Lion
6:  The Dream Team & Ricky Tuffy - Stamina (1996 VIP)
7:  The Dream Team - The Roller (Gold Dubs & Dj Hybrid Remix)
8:  Diamond Geezer - Rasta Life
9:  Kid Lib & Percussive P - Tryna Find A Word
10: Paluca Ft. MC Muma J - Emptiness
11: Ricky Force - Dancer
12: 2D33P - Liberator 2014
13: Acid Lab - The Codex
14: dgoHn - It Doesn't Matter
15: Diamond Geezer - Have To Nice
16: Diamond Geezer - Tingz Rough
17: Tactical Aspect - Interference
18: Acid Lab - Osiris
19: Tactical Aspect - Midnight Selekta
20: Champa B & Drum Cypha - Detriment
21: Drum Cypha - Shadow Moses
22: Daffy - Get Darker
23: Drum Cypha - Be All, End All
24: Relapse - All Is Lost

To hear Junglizm Radio 046 in it's entirety:


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Jonny 5 - The Winter E.P OUT NOW!!

The Junglizm Crew Badman Jonny 5 just released "The Winter E.P"; a fitting title for this 7 track release filled with the chilling atmospherics and dark drum editing that you can expect from a Jonny 5 production. However there's something about this release that isn't just the Jonny 5 norm. His production skills are improving day by day and this release is proof that he's not playing around, and he is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Grabbing the whole E.P is highly suggested as each tune has a place in any set at any time slot, or pick and choose your favorites to listen to on your Ipod.  

Released January 2, 2017

Photo Credit: www.dreamscene.org 
Mastering: themassteringhouse.com 

Big Up ALL Junglists (EWNS) 
Thanks to Junglizm Crew/Jungletrain.net/Yeska Beats/Sounds So Fierce/ 
Green Bay Wax/AKO BEATS/Monochrome Recordings/8205/Foundation X/Criterion Records/Digital 6/Dark Til Dawn/Dred Collective/Ital Dred/Dub Chamber Records/N2O/Tonz Of Drumz/Jungle Cat Records/Asbo Records/Yardrock UK&US/Storytime Crew/JMA/MIA/Midwest Junglist Crew..

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Jonny 5 - 11.9 On Junglizm Recordings

Yet another release of beautifully dark Jungle Music from one of the hardest working soldiers in the trenches, JONNY 5. Click the link below to support and rinse these gems in your next set.


November 2nd, 2016 Recoil, Junglizm's Badman from Canada made his debut on Junglizm Radio and was kind enough to give us the file for your downloading pleasure. Jam packed with Drums, Bass and Nuff' Old School flavors, this is definitely one for your Digital Library.   


SDR & Subsonic - Watch Dis Space Pt. 2 – Shoebox
Bounty Killaz – Do It Now – Creative Wax
Two Dark Troopers – I Wanna Be Your Lover – Basement
Metalheads – Angel – Synthetic Hardcore Phonography
Release – Musical Movements - 7th Storey
Mega City 2 - Night Walker (original mix) – Extra Terrestrial Recordings
Foul Play - Finest Illusion – Section 5
Origin Unknown – The Touch – Ram
Mad Dog - Secret Garden – Underdog
Noise Factory - Futuroid (Capsule EP) - 3rd Party
DJ Ron - Crackman The Return (E.Q.P. Booyaka Mix) - Rough Tone
DJ Trace & Ed Rush – Clean Gun – Lucky Spin
Undercover Elephant - Realm Of The Cougar – Bogwoppa
Red One – Alive 'N' Kickin' – Liftin' Spirit Records
(tease) Mad Dog – My God (Phaze III and Klass A remix) - Underdog

We also had a special guest appearance by the man U-0ME, bringing the old school Jungle Rarities in usual form.

To hear Junglizm Radio 042 in it's entirety:


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J.RYDER - Guest Mix For Junglizm Radio 038

September 7th, 2016 once again we were blessed with another Guest Mix for Junglizm Radio, this time from THINK Jungle Badman J.Ryder. Download, Listen and Enjoy this 46 Min Mix of Hard Hitting Jungle Music from one of the top contributors in the game right now. 


To hear Junglizm Radio 038 in it's entirety:


Junglizm Mix Series - Recoil

The #JunglizmCrew is back with another Installation of the #JunglizmMixSeries. To kick this edition off we have our bad man selecta #Recoil out of Canada setting the pace with this selection of Dubs and Forthcomings! Mixed for your listening pleasure on 3 Technics 1200's and a Pioneer CDJ-800! #Listen

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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/liam_recoil
Facebook: www.facebook.com/liam.recoil

Gareth Monks – Stay in the jungle (free DL)
Dextrous - Rapid * Dwarde remix * 
Exodus Sound – Murder Ya Sound
Time Travel – Balance (forthcoming on Ruff Guidance)
Kid Lib – Problem (dub)
RufKraft – Ima Adikt - “Dope Plate EP” - Ill Eagle Records
Mighty Dreadnaut – Real Soundkilla (dubplate)
16AJ – Idiot Soundboy ft Cocoa Tea
Time Travel – Man & Machine (forthcoming on Ruff Guidance)
Kid Lib – Just Glow (dub)
DJ Gunshot – Regulators * Default remix *
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares * Gareth Monks remake *
FBD Project - The Core * DSP remix * (forthcoming on Bang-In Tunes)

Band Of Jungle Brothers By Sound So Fierce Records SSF04D

Just about a week ago on July 1st, 2016 one of California's up and coming Jungle Record Labels Sound So Fierce  Records released a 12 track digital compilation featuring Veteran as well as up and coming producers from across the globe showcasing the various styles of Jungle Music from Old Skool influenced to Dubwise and Ragga. The list of producers includes: Unitary, Disciple, Dubious, Kid B, Mighty Dreadnaut, Jynx, Rudical, Grimmkeys, Xubconxioux, XLuther, Rez and The Junglizm Crew's very own Jonny 5. Available through the labels own Bandcamp as well as Junodownload this is a Must Have for your digital crates.

Jonny 5 June Promo Mix For Jungletrain.net

Jungletrain.net is proud to present the June 2016 Promo Mix by Los Angeles' very own Jonny 5!

Jonny 5 (Junglizm Crew, Dub Chamber Records, Digital 6) has been a resident DJ as well as a huge fan of jungletrain.net for some time now, so it's only fitting that he is featured on their monthly Promo Mix series! J5, or J-Fizzle as many of his colleagues and friends like to call him, has been a pioneer in the LA underground music scene for over two decades. He's also played witness to the birth of various Jungle movements around the United States. Although he has always maintained a strong love for Jungle, 5's love for music spans across many genres.

For this months session, Jonny is dropping an exclusive mix of various current artists, who are producing the Golden Years sound of Jungle music. Expect Amens, Gun Shots, Helicopters, Ragga Vocals, and all that niceness. Bringing you hints of yesterday's mixed tape feel (including an interlude from Dr. Tim Leary) Jonny 5 humbly dedicates this offering of sound to ALL Junglists North, South, East & West!


01. Nebula - Imagination [Scientific Wax Retro, SWR007 2016]
02. Norfik - Levitate - Dark Til Dawn [???, 2016]
03. Peter Darker - Embrace The Darkness [DUB]
04. Unknown - A Bit Of The Dark Style [DUB]
05. Kid Lib - Dat's Wassup - Kid Lib [LIB014, 2013]
06. Peter Darker & Dark Kent - Destiny [DUB]
07. BC Rydah - Streetz-Iz-Watchin - Yeska Beats [Forthcoming]
08. Kid Lib & Percussive P - Suttin 2 Dance 2 - Kid Lib [LIB014, 2013]
09. Msymiakos - Countdown Jungle - Mutant Breaks #8 [Free, 2016]
10. Kid Lib - Original Roughneck - Green Bay Wavs [The White Label EP, 2013]
11. New Koncept vs Undercover Agent - Rougher (part 3) [DUB]
12. Percussive P - Discipline - Green Bay Wavs [The White Label EP, 2013]
13. Unknown Artist - Dis Di Don - Green Bay Wax [RAGGAMUFF1, 2015]
14. FFF - Beast - Myor Massiv [MASSIV02, 2016]
15. Unknown - Exclusive [DUB]
16. martianMan - (When You Get There) Return To Cool [vol.8, 2016]
17. Rumbleton- Vibration Centre - Rupture London [RUPTURELDN009, 2015]
18. Dub One- Gwarn Amen (martianMan Remix) [DUB]
19. Spirit - Provider - Rupture London [RUPTURELDN010, 2016]
20. Dub One - Back Off Seen [dub-one.bandcamp.com/, 2015]
21. Sterlin Sound - Predator (Original Mix) - Asbo Records [AAR028, 2015]
22. Unknown - Modern Science [DUB]
23. Dub One - Babylon System - Foundation X [FDXBLKSR002, 2016]
24. Bayou & Future Roots - Dread Drone (Amen VIP) - Rhythmic Dysfunktions [No Cat., 2016]
25. Msymiakos - Timestretcha - Ransaked Records [RR018, 2015]
26. Unknown - Jah Rastafari [DUB]
27. Sniper - Wol On - Red Alfa [RARA25, 2016]
28. Stranjah - No Remorse - Rhythmic Dysfunktions [No Cat., 2016]
29. Unknown - No Rewind [DUB]
30. JyNx Tribalistix Special Dubplate ft Jigsy King - Gimme The Gun [DUB]
31. Unknown - GoodByeAndStuff [DUB]

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