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Mugilla - Guest Mix For Junglizm Radio 062 - 160 Hybrid


Yet another Special Mix from the man Mugilla! This time coming with the 160 Hybrid Jungle/Footwork styles. Another 60 minutes of high energy beats to soothe your soul. Original Air Date September 6th, 2017.

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Sun Collective - Guest Mix For Junglizm Radio 046


December 28th was our last show for 2016 and the badmen from Amsterdam, Sun Collective made their debut with a full length mix of pure Amen Heaven. Take a listen and download this hour long set guaranteed to get you in a frenzy, packed full of top shelf tune selections and precision mixing.


1:  2D33P - The Dream 2014
2:  Terminus - The Raft
3:  NForcer - The Showdown
4:  Ride - Backlash
5:  DJ Westy - Lion
6:  The Dream Team & Ricky Tuffy - Stamina (1996 VIP)
7:  The Dream Team - The Roller (Gold Dubs & Dj Hybrid Remix)
8:  Diamond Geezer - Rasta Life
9:  Kid Lib & Percussive P - Tryna Find A Word
10: Paluca Ft. MC Muma J - Emptiness
11: Ricky Force - Dancer
12: 2D33P - Liberator 2014
13: Acid Lab - The Codex
14: dgoHn - It Doesn't Matter
15: Diamond Geezer - Have To Nice
16: Diamond Geezer - Tingz Rough
17: Tactical Aspect - Interference
18: Acid Lab - Osiris
19: Tactical Aspect - Midnight Selekta
20: Champa B & Drum Cypha - Detriment
21: Drum Cypha - Shadow Moses
22: Daffy - Get Darker
23: Drum Cypha - Be All, End All
24: Relapse - All Is Lost

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Jonny 5 - 11.9 On Junglizm Recordings

Yet another release of beautifully dark Jungle Music from one of the hardest working soldiers in the trenches, JONNY 5. Click the link below to support and rinse these gems in your next set.