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Sun Collective - Guest Mix For Junglizm Radio 059


Take a listen and download this hour long set from Sun Collective, bringing the heat on their second appearance on Junglizm Radio. Heavy hitting drums and massive basslines that are guaranteed to make your body move, Listen!!! Original Air Date July 26th, 2017


1:  Ambrela - Tidal Bore (FeyDer VIP)
2:  Dani Dk - Rock It To Night
3:  DJ Hybrid - Back Then (DJ L.A.B. Remix)
4:  16AJ - Coppershot
5:  Bong Selecta - New Day Dawning
6:  Camo UFOS - Bashment Crue (Urban Assault Jungle Remix)
7:  DJ Hybrid - Run Pon Dem
8:  DJ L.A.B. - Loud & Clear
9:  Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Serious Business
10: Dub Liner - Sound Slaughtered
11: Dexcell & Evil Quest - Run & Hyde
12: False Flag - Inevitable
13: Faul - Step Up
14: George Young the Infinite - Bringin The Heat
15: ID4 - Slappin Wallz
16: 8 Diagram - Gutter Dub
17: Direct Feed and Ragga Scum - Another Champion VIP

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November 2nd, 2016 Recoil, Junglizm's Badman from Canada made his debut on Junglizm Radio and was kind enough to give us the file for your downloading pleasure. Jam packed with Drums, Bass and Nuff' Old School flavors, this is definitely one for your Digital Library.   


SDR & Subsonic - Watch Dis Space Pt. 2 – Shoebox
Bounty Killaz – Do It Now – Creative Wax
Two Dark Troopers – I Wanna Be Your Lover – Basement
Metalheads – Angel – Synthetic Hardcore Phonography
Release – Musical Movements - 7th Storey
Mega City 2 - Night Walker (original mix) – Extra Terrestrial Recordings
Foul Play - Finest Illusion – Section 5
Origin Unknown – The Touch – Ram
Mad Dog - Secret Garden – Underdog
Noise Factory - Futuroid (Capsule EP) - 3rd Party
DJ Ron - Crackman The Return (E.Q.P. Booyaka Mix) - Rough Tone
DJ Trace & Ed Rush – Clean Gun – Lucky Spin
Undercover Elephant - Realm Of The Cougar – Bogwoppa
Red One – Alive 'N' Kickin' – Liftin' Spirit Records
(tease) Mad Dog – My God (Phaze III and Klass A remix) - Underdog

We also had a special guest appearance by the man U-0ME, bringing the old school Jungle Rarities in usual form.

To hear Junglizm Radio 042 in it's entirety:

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J.RYDER - Guest Mix For Junglizm Radio 038

September 7th, 2016 once again we were blessed with another Guest Mix for Junglizm Radio, this time from THINK Jungle Badman J.Ryder. Download, Listen and Enjoy this 46 Min Mix of Hard Hitting Jungle Music from one of the top contributors in the game right now. 


To hear Junglizm Radio 038 in it's entirety:

Junglizm Mix Series - Binz

For this Installation of the #JunglizmMixSeries we have the man like #BINZ. Formerly known as BIB, the #JunglizmRadio show opener is bringing the drums in this 40 min mix of **ALL VINYL** Releases from 2016. You read that right, 2016. Jungle is Alive and Well and Binz is the messenger. #Listen

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1. FFF - Dust Out [Prspct]
2. Warped Dynamics – Lord Of The Amens (Vocoda rmx) [Beat Lab]
3. FFF - Sweet Revenge [Prspct]
4. Coco Bryce – D.P.S. [Myor Massiv]
5. Percussive P & Tim Reaper – ??? [Dublinquents]
6. Darkseid & Junior Soprano - 3 Ways To Die [Jungle Cat]
7. Skitty – Your Ting [AKO 150]
8. Tropmanga & BMan – Let You Go [More Fire]
9. Kid Lib & Percussive P – Ragga Dis [Cool N’ Easy]
10. Coco Bryce – Pressure Flip [Fresh’86]
11. FFF – It Began In Man’s Mind [Myor Massiv]
12. Sully – m141 [Cargo]
13. Ricky Force ft. Tamen – Plastic Mentality [Repertoire]
14. Tim Reaper – PSI [Scientific Wax Retro]