Storytime Crew Blessed Junglizm Radio with 2 Guest Mixes in the Month of May


If you aren't familiar with Northern California's "Storytime Crew", you better get to know! Responsible for various vinyl releases on the Storytime Label like "Poppin Fresh Jungle #1", "Raisin California Jungle E.P", "The Funky Jungle E.p" and the Ill Eagle Label created by crew heads Rufkraft and Sycamore; plus multiple events: Outdoors, in Warehouses or Club Venues, this Crew of Hardcore Jungle Ravers is definitely at the top of the game.

This past May, both Junglizm Radio Episodes 080 and 081 were blessed by Storytime members Moglee and Scribz. Definitely a must for the playlist, enjoy these downloads and brock out in a junglist stylee!! #Listen



1. Heavy On the Sunshine - The Spinners

2. People of the Universe - Higher Sense
3. Soul Promenade (Nookie Remix) - Omni Trio
4. It's All Over - Tom & Jerry
5. Swallow Something (Clean Da R****) - Underground Software
6. Champion Sound (Aliiance Remix) - Return of Q Project
7. Subsonic Rider - Eternal Bass
8. Shining - Smoke Joe
9. Sky (DJ Kane Remix) - Just Jungle
10. Untitled - Danny Breaks
11. Hitman - Marvelous Caine
12. Shine - Aphrodite
13. Untitled - Tom & Jerry
15. Rough Like Me - M-Beat
16. Music Maker Posse - Underground Software
17. Eternally - Point Blank
18. Pause Tearout - Just Jungle
19. Mind Wreck - DMS
20. Fist Full of Dollars - The Good, 2Bad, & Hugly

21. Living for the Future (FBD Project Remix) - Omni Trio


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